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PELD, PEHD bags:

  • coloured or colourless bags
  • bags with letters and other marks printed on them
  • bags of PE certified as fit for contact with food
  • bags of single- or multi-layer PELD
  • bags with clasps and handgrip R-30, R-40, R-55 [R-30 hangrip 300 mm long]
  • bags from laminated plastics

Packagings for quilted duvets, blankets, bed-clothes:

  • PELD packages with clasps and a handgrip R-30, R-40, R-55
  • PELD packages with a handgrip of MARKET type
  • PP packages with athesive tape and a hanger
  • PP and PVC suitcases with a zip-fastener

PP and laminated plastic small bags:

  • bags with side folds
  • bags with a bottom fold
  • bags with adhesive tape
  • bags with letters and marks printed on them

The material is certified as fit for contact with food.