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POLFOL is a company primarily engaged in the production and trade in packagings.

It has been a significant operator on the market since 1991 and its overall goal has always been to provide the prompt service that the customers appreciate.

Consequently the number of POLFOL's regular customers is constantly increasing to include today companies from various branches of Poland's economy.


Quality policy

The primary objective of business operations conducted by POLFOL enterprise is the manufacture of foil goods, complying with individual requirements of the Clients. Our great concern is the Client's full satisfaction with our products.

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P.P.H. POLFOL Marek Banasik
ul. Foliowa 8, 26-001 Masłów
+48 41 344 73 60, +48 41 311 06 81, polfol@polfol.pl

Trade Department
Marcin Krzemiński
mobile: +48 607 750 900 email: marcin.krzeminski@polfol.pl

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