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P.P.H. POLFOL Marek Banasik
ul. Foliowa 8, 26-001 Masłów
+48 (41) 344 73 60, +48 (41) 311 06 81

Trade Department
mobile: +48 506 088 753
e-mail: piotr.adamczyk@polfol.pl

Quality policy

Quality, Environmental and Health Safety of Products Policy

The primary objective of business operations conducted by POLFOL enterprise is the manufacture of foil goods, complying with individual requirements of the Clients and packaging services in manufactured packaging. Our great concern is the Client’s full satisfaction with our products.

We have intensely committed ourselves to protect the natural environment and to comply with the HACCP and GMP requirements.

In order to achieve the intended objectives, we strive to improve POLFOL’s Quality and Environment Management System including the HACCP requirements and pursue the policy of quality and environment including the HACCP requirements at every level of our organization. This particularly involves:

  • comprehensive and timely service of the Clients in reliance on the requirements defined,

  • process monitoring and measurements to ensure top quality of the manufactured goods,

  • reducing unnecessary material consumption at the stage of product design,

  • reasonable material management which is conducive to the diminished waste products,

  • waste product segregation and recycling,

  • minimizing the effects on the natural environment,

  • improving the employees’ knowledge of quality and environmental issues on each working station.

We undertake to fulfill all legal and other requirements regarding our operations, including the environmental protection and the HACCP requirements.

Constant improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the system which stays in accordance to the standards: PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2015, is given the highest priority by all the employees o

f our  enterprise.